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Solidarity Fund for African Women

  • Invests in health care / by way of the ‘fistula programme’ in the DR Congo
  • invests in welfare/ by way of construction of ecological ovens in Rwanda
  • invests in work initiative / by way of giving micro loans for agriculture in the DR Congo
  • invests in self finance/ by way of soymilk unit in the DR Congo

The fistula programme of Solfa-International (non-profit organization)

In Kisantu-(in the province of Bas-Congo), the genital fistula programme allows us to care for the most ostracized, and most isolated of African women. Since its creation in 2007, 200 young women who had urinary incontinence due to genital fistula were cured. A local doctor was trained to surgically reconstruct these patients and a local nurse was employed to help in the treatment of the fistula patients. We strive to help as many women as possible and reconstructive surgery remains very important but our new objective is prevention of this abuse by distributing educational material and building accommodation in a refuge or shelter for heavily pregnant high-risk patients, where they can stay until giving birth.

Thanks to the support of Soroptimist International Belgium, the Action Fund Soroptimist International Europe and many other belgian clubs, we have founded our first home. It has also been a transit house where our treated patients can rest for several days before heading back home to their villages in remote areas.

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MEDECINS DU DESERT (Doctors of the desert)

Non-profit organization Médecins du Désert (MDD) is a voluntary work organization helping less fortunate people in Africa suffering from cataract and fistula.

The non-profit was founded in 2002 and during the first few years organized ophthalmological missions to places in North and Central Africa and in Asia.

In 2008, the persons responsible for MDD sought to diversify their actions. At that moment, their path crossed that of Soroptimist Liège. Together they collaborated to design the mission ‘Fistula’ in Central Africa.

Thanks to the funds of Soroptimist International Belgium, around  fourty women underwent reconstructive surgery in 2010 and the training program  was extended.

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ICRH is a multidisciplinary research center of the University of Ghent, within the Faculty of Medecine and Health Sciences.

  • Alongside research, ICRH implements several projects in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia that focus on developing training programs and actions to defend the sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • ICRH argues in favor of recognizing reproductive health as a basic human right for every man and woman
  • ICRH pays special attention to the influence of gender inequity on sexual and reproductive health of individuals

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Soroptimist International Belgium, ICRH received a donation of   €7500.

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Non-profit organization ZIJN has been set up to operate against violence within relationships where there is mutual trust.

We need to pay attention to many specific parts of this subject.

  • ZIJN invests in many different activities to remove the taboo that surrounds this type of violence.
  • Several times a year, ZIJN organizes training courses and seminars to gain deeper understanding into how to address this issue.
  • ZIJN wants to have a say in the policy-making in order to make sure this theme stays on the political agenda and the politicians take their responsibilities by developing an integrated approach to this problem.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Soroptimist International Belgium, ZIJN received a donation of      €7500 .

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The non-profit organization Praxis specializes in counselling the culprits of domestic violence.

  • Praxis started to counsel culprits of domestic violence as part of alternative legislative measures.
  • Praxis offers its services to the abusers, whether or not under legislative mandate, within French-speaking Belgium.
  • Praxis only works with abusers, and approach their job within a intersectorial partnership program and works permanently together with the CVFE (Center against violence and exclusion, in solidarity with women)

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Soroptimist International Belgium, Praxis received a donation of   €7500 .

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The non-profit organization Payoke is a non-governmental body that fights against trafficking and exploiting of people.

  • Payoke, by cooperating with the forces of law and order, exposes national and international networks and, after first-stage reception, offers support and protection to the victims.
  • Payoke offers legal, administrative and psychosocial support to both in-patient or outpatient
  • Payoke offers the victims a safe environment

The collaboration between Patsy Sörensen, the driving force behind Payoke, and Soroptimist International Belgium came about thanks to the theme ‘Against Trafficking of Human Beings’. Awareness was raised among the clubs for the problem of people-trafficking and human enslavement.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Soroptimist International Belgium, Patsy Sörensen received a gift of €15 000 .

This money was used to fund and develop the “Loverboys” campaign. 

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