Soroptimist International

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The Soroptimist International

The Worldwide Soroptimist International is the largest NGO of active and committed women.

The first Soroptimist club was founded in Oakland, California, on 3 Octobre1921. Currently from a global perspective we have 3,000 clubs across 132 countries. 80,000 members are part of this lively and dynamic Women's Service Club.

The name Soroptimist

Soroptimist comes from the Latin Soror, sister and optimae, the better. So we have to be the best 'sister' possible for others.


Local to Global

  • Human rights for all
  • Global peace  and international goodwill
  • Advancing women’s potential, decision-making participation at all levels of society
  • Volunteer status,  assistance to local and international groups


  • To improve any form of training for women and girls
  • To fight against all forms of violence against women and girls
  • To promote the economic independence of every woman
  • To contribute to improving health care for women and girls
  • To advance the living conditions  of women and girls

The Soroptimist International has 4 Federations

The 4 Federations work under the umbrella of the Constitution of the International Soroptimist but they also have their own structure, their own procedures and strategies or priorities

The HQ of the Soroptimist International

The  headquarters of the Soroptimist International is located in Cambridge, in the U.K

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