Presidency 2015-2017

 SI President 2015-2017: Yvonne SIMPSON



Yvonne Simpson, SI President 2015-2017, has been a member of SI Westland, New Zealand, since 1996.

Yvonne has held various positions at Westland High School in Hokitika for about 33 years, including that of Director of International Programmes.

Inspired by a visit in 2004 to a Soroptimist project in Bosnia, she has made a strong commitment to actively improve the lives of women and girls.





Theme of the SI President

“Lead Ourselves, Lead Others and Lead the Organization”  


The next biennium promises to be a time of both reflection and action. Looking ahead, Yvonne believes Soroptimists must take the necessary steps to leadership: 'Lead Ourselves, Lead Others and Lead the Organization'. In her words, "Soroptimists will have the opportunity to learn more about the organization and be encouraged to step up, to take leadership at SI level. We have established a Leadership Development Committee which will address ‘Educating Soroptimists to Lead’ and look at providing training for this through webinars.” 



"December 10th  Presidents's Appeal"

“Wellbeing of women in Nepal”

On December 10, our SI President will highlight the project she has chosen for her mandate. She will endeavor to work together with partners in order to provide education and leadership opportunities for women and girls. With the help of the Federations, the Clubs and their members, she intends to make a significant contribution to the wellbeing of women and girls in Nepal”.






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