An extraordinary woman, a pioneer in aesthetic surgery, a founding President of the Soroptimist women's movement in Europe.

Dr. Suzanne NOEL, founder of the European Soroptimist movement, was born in Laon (France) in 1878 into a middle class family. She died in Paris in 1954.

In 1905 she began to study medicine and soon discovered dermatology and the new repair approaches. This was the origin of her vocation for cosmetic surgery. During the 2nd World War, thanks to the expertise acquired during her medical studentship, she worked on changing the faces of members of the resistance and Jews. After the war, she treated survivors of the concentration camps to erase the traces of their detention.

Following the death of her only daughter in 1922, in 1923 she met Stuart Morrow, a professional organizer of men services clubs. This meeting gave new meaning to her life by allowing her to get acquainted with the Soroptimist. In a hostile environment, she founded in 1924 the first Soroptimist club in Europe and with her reputation attracted leading members.

Between 1925 and 1938, building on her worldwide conference tour, she was at the origin of the creation of many Soroptimist clubs: The Hague, Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, Antwerp, Geneva, Baltic clubs, Oslo, Budapest Beijing, Tokyo.

In 1930 she founded the European Federation of Soroptimist International and became its first president. Following the liberation in 1944, she helped to reopen clubs closed under the Nazi regime. In 1948 she presented the charter to the club of Istanbul, the first club in a Muslim country.

Dr. Suzanne NOEL has dedicated much of her life to enforcing human rights beyond all frontiers, for true women's rights recognition and in particular the protection of girls.