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SIE Strategic Model


Strategy Structure Communications :  the SIE Strategic Model 2012-2019

Building on the work accomplished at SI level since the Board Meeting in Montreal in 2011, an SIE Task Force on Structure and Strategy was created in January 2012 to assess the current situation of our organization and to come up with strategic structural measures so that Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE) can continue to grow with drive and determination. This Task Force  developed the above organizational model with the five Strategic Goals represented by four triangles. A team of Board Members is responsible for each of these Goals. Departing from a classical vertical hierarchy, the unions, the clubs are strongly encouraged to adopt this model, which allows more valuable use of the qualities


Triangle programme et lobbying

This triangle embodies the ‘raison d’être’ of our organization. It reflects the commitment of our members to improve, in collaboration and in friendship, the lives and status of women and girls through a multitude of projects . It is also what attracts new members to join our mission. The Programme Director and Assistant Programme Directors are orientating clubs to streamline their projects in order to realize the goals and objectives of Soroptimist International . The lobbying factor is also vital to advance our organization as a crucial international player in the area of Women’s Rights. Lobbying, however, is essential at every possible level – local, national and international in order to be this global voice for women and girls and an advocate at all levels for their increased access to education and leadership positions.


Triangle Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership falls under the responsibility of the President who is supported by the President Elect, the Immediate Past President and the Secretary General. In the new model, key areas – such as Finance and Accounting, and Constitution and By-Laws – work closely with the President on immediate and long term strategic orientations. Together, they ensure the organization makes use of all its resources and develops in a sustainable manner, enhancing transparency as a tool for better commitment.


Triangle Institutional  Development/ Extension

Recruitment and retention of members are crucial for the growth of the organization. Training of post holders and members at large, combined with communication, can play a major role with respect to retention strategies, increasing the commitment and loyalty of the members. Equally, special attention must be given to strengthening the regional and geographic development throughout the Federation, including in those countries where, for political or cultural reasons, women’s organizations struggle to establish themselves. Two Vice Presidents reinforce regional development in Africa and Eastern Europe


Triangle Communications

Communication and PR are essential to any organization and therefore this triangle is strategically placed at the centre of the model. Communication supports numerous goals – from fostering better internal communication and networking between members, addressing extension needs, promoting professional and personal relationship channels to ensuring that the proper messages and achievements are communicated throughout our organization. With the support of the Editors and the Communications Officer, a Vice President is in charge of this strategic goal developing activities and partnerships that raise the international profile and visibility of Soroptimist International as an organization 

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