Best Practice SIB 2017 Action fund SIB congrats!

  • project fitting into the programs of SI/SIE/SIB
  • the club should be able to finance a part of the project

Soroptimist clubs working togehter on one project.


Fundraising through a national action of the Belgian Union to organsie a FILM EVENT with the  movie "Sufragette" on the occasion of the "International Women's Day" on 8 March. This price gives us the opportunity to continue to support the FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER ANTWERP.  They will be able to operate and give concrete support to the victims of domestic violence.   Every day people are victims of domestic violence. The figures in Belgium, and around the world, speak for themselves. The relief effort in Flanders is very fragmented. As a result, victims are often sent from pillar to post and finally they give up to fight in a early stage.  They return to their old life. The perpetrators of the violence often fall out, are not recognized.   Every family is different, each conflict is different. REED MORE

We are part of the Family Justice Center Europe  REED MORE




SI CLUB Liège-en-Isle = Best Practice Award SIB 2017:

Legal help and formation of executives in Kolwezi

​Best SIB project chosen by the Board of the Union and the PD (Program Director) and the two APD Deputy Program Director) selected from the PFR's (reports).

For sister Nathalie Kangaj, Congolese nun and lawyer, everything started ten years ago being involved in a project of legal assistance to the most deprived persons. With the help of seven staff members, mostly volunteers, she established in Kolwezi a Centre for legal judiciary assistance. (CAJJ -Centre d’Aide Juridico-Judiciaire (République Démocratique du Congo).

  • Aid to battered women or women abandoned by their husbands,
  • Legal- & juridciary information,
  • Documentation Centre for law students
  • Antenna within the prison: the applications are frequent, the needs immense.

She discovers that the population does not know their rights, not even the most basic rights.
Therefore CAJJ starts in 2011 with

  • Training workshops for Executive women in their community and
  • Information in the schools


  1. Task = within their associations meetings, refund.
  2. Goal = sensitize women and specifically the illiterate women.
  3. Teach women awareness of their civil and political rights.
  4. Promote active involvement together with the local Government to solve their most pressing problems.

A 28 women associations have finally decided to work together create a location, a space where they share ideas, for discussion and to develop initiatives called: 

«Espace de la Femme pour le Développement Intégré de Kolwezi» EFDIKO.

To do : realize their first project: ' A call for water ': every area of the city needs potable water. This plea has paid off because there are 30 new wells drilled.
Women's economic autonomy: in addition the CAJJ want to help women manage their incoms, be economically independent.



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