UN - International Day of Peace 21st of September

A message from Soroptimist International President, Alice Wells,

to commemorate International Day of Peace 

this 21st of September:


Imagine a world where there is no violence.  Imagine a world where women and girls are safe.  September 21st is a day where we can all become involved in the peace process, globally and locally. 

This International Day of Peace has been adopted by every member state in the United Nations.  This is a day of global unity.  This is a day that will give combatants the opportunity to pause and reflect on how violence affects their people, their economy, their environment.

Last year in Afghanistan on this day of peace, there was a 77% decrease in violence.  Much needed medical supplies were allowed through to small communities.  Children were able to receive immunizations.

What will you do in your local community to support this Day of Peace on September 21st?  We need to make this a reality throughout the world for 365 days, not just for one day.  But….the way to begin is one day at a time. 

Please add your name to this movement and become involved in creating a foundation for lasting peace.  

For more information on the campaign:

To watch a live stream direct from the Soroptimist International website of the Peace One Day concert at 19.30 (BST):

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