Suspended coffees

Do you know the concept of “suspended coffees”?


Suspended coffees, literally ‘coffees in waiting’ are a concept of social solidarity, an old Neapolitan tradition (‘caffè sospeso’ in Italian), by which customers pay for two coffees but only take one, leaving the second coffee for a less fortunate customer who cannot afford one.

 This system of solidarity started in 1993 and was officially inaugurated in Naples on 10th December 2011 with the support of the city’s mayor, during a Day of Suspended Coffees.

This tradition has had more visibility recently, thanks to the power of Internet, and several people have suggested that the idea could be exported.  Groups have been set up on social media to publicise the concept and encourage people to take part.

Currently it has spread throughout Europe to Italy, France, England, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Romania and even Bulgaria.  Here in Belgium the concept of ‘suspended coffees’ has spread throughout the country with a number of initiatives.

The Soroptimist International Bruxelles Doyen decided to develop this program in Brussels by the management of the page Facebook ‘Café suspendu à Bruxelles’ held by Bruna Sassi and of the contacts direct with the participating establishments and associations in charge of less fortunate persons.

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