Project 2016- 2018 : Eskwela Haiyan

Het Eskwela Haiyan team zoekt sponsors om studenten te ondersteunen die over onvoldoende materiële middelen beschikken om hun studies verder te zetten. Club Gent heeft zich geëngageerd om gedurende 4 jaar twee studentes te steunen: education!


Our aim is to help young students struggling to make ends meet, and encourage their return to school. Our scholars range from elementary through high school and for those who make the cut, we hope to eventually send them to college. We also have a couple sponsors supporting university-level students. The number of students we support is contingent on our sponsors and the funds we are able to raise. We commit to support each student, as long as they maintain their grades, until they graduate from either elementary, high school or university. Therefore, on average we support students for six academic years. Presently, we are committed to support a total of 13 students for a total of six years: five elementary students and eight middle-high school students as well as three university students until they obtain their degree.

EH Scholarship Programmes:
For sustainability we are looking for individual or corporate sponsorship willing to support one or more children for an extended period. We hope they can support the student to finish Elementary and/or High School level. Some sponsors are also choosing to support scholars from vocational and university level who they aim to eventually take in as interns or employees.

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