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A partir du: 2015-09-01

Date d'achèvement: 2017-09-01


But: Genital fistula in RD Congo, affect the most vulnerable group of women; 1/arise as a result of complication in childbirth, common in teenage mothers. Somethimes occur after rape&sexual violence. 2/ Urine and stool losses,given the african temperatures and limited resources, difficult to manage.3/ It cause social isolation (women are rejected by their husband, family, environment 4/ These fistulas can be surgically corrected ; in other african countries there are even special fistula clinics

Objectif: health

IDs Européens: 05599

SI clubs: SIB several soroptimist clubs in belgium

Fonds objectif: 4500 EuroOUI, je veux participer
Fonds levés: 4500 Euro

Projet information

Fonds information

Genital fistula are the result of childbirth. Solfa cures and organizes medical training, awareness and prevention.

We organized  in 2015-2017 a classical concert Gaudete (Bach and Händel) in a church of Roeselare. We didn't pay to use the church. As we had more than 600 people the benefit was a great succes. The entrance-fee was 25 Euro and we had a lot of sponsors. Our benefit was 23.000 Euro, so we could give to 5 different purposes, 4.500 Euro.

4.500 Euro went to Solfa.

In the past  we and different other Soropclubs have given money to this project of Solfa.

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