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Startdatum: 2015-01-01

Completion date: 2017-09-01


Goal: With our "ecofours" programme in Rwanda, we help the poorest families cook more efficiently and in more environmentally friendly way. Our ambition is to solve an ecological problem and to make this "ecofours" available to the most vulnerable families.

Objective: environment

European IDs: 005598

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Funds goal: 10 EuroJA, ik wil meedoen
Funds raised: 6500 Euro

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The people  of Rwanda remains especially for cooking, reliant upon the use of available biomass: firewoof, charcoal an agricultural waste. Despite recent efforts in forest management, the balance between production and consumption of 'wood' energy remains at a deficit. Solfa has two purposes:


1. "Ecological": utilising furnaces spares the use of wood or charcoal. These furnaces are called further "ecofours". To promote and help develop and distribute these improved furnaces, and reduce the consumption of available wood.

2. "Social":  the poorest families are protected from having to pay for increasingly expensive wood or charcoal. Solfa makes this "ecofours" available to the most vulnerable families: child families, single-parent families, sick or disabled and the elderly. The local partners of Solfa-International ivzw are the Soroptimist clubs of Ruhengeri and Gisenyl in Rwanda. They do this by consulting with the local authorities. In RD Congo, Kisantu runs an analogue pilot project within the framework of a microcredit program.

We organised an interclub quiz.  26 service clubs of our region participated. We ceded of the profit 3.000 euro to Solfa.

At the meeting of the seven West-Flemish clubs of Soroptimist 3.500 euro was donated to Solfa.




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