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A partir du: 2015-03-17

Date d'achèvement: 2017-09-30


But: Safe houses where women can shelter and hide in total anonymity in situations of acute danger are a necessity in our region and is our priority.

Objectif: violence

IDs Européens: 05600

SI clubs:

Fonds objectif: 20000 EuroOUI, je veux participer
Fonds levés: 12000 Euro

Projet information

Fonds information

We consider it as very important that the safe house in our city is supported in a way that a maximum of comfort and safety can be provided for the women (and children) in those needy situations.We

We organized in the period 2015-2017 a classical concert Gaudete (Bach and Händel) in a church of Roeselare. We didn't pay to use the church. As we had more than 600 people the benefit was a great succes. The entrance-fee was 52 euro and we had a lot of sponsors. Our benefit was 23.000 euro, so we could give to 5 different purposes, 4.500 euro.


4.500 euro went to Safe house.

We collected also money at the meeting of the 7 Flemish Soroptimist clubs.

We collected 4000 euro due to an organised lecture for a large audience

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