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A partir du: 1914-06-15

Date d'achèvement: 1917-06-30


But: An organisation that provide microcredite to women. They allows women to fairtrade centres. With this money houses are built, strengthened against natural disasters and they let their children study.

Objectif: environment

IDs Européens: SIE-10293

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Fonds objectif: 7000 EuroOUI, je veux participer
Fonds levés: 7000 Euro

Projet information

Fonds information

Bangla Bari builds quality houses, resistant to floods and regular storms, with hygienic toilet and drinkable water supply.

They manage an inclusive home solution by which it involves the clients as main subcontractor. They work in collaboration with local MF-organizations, recovers all of its operational costs and reinvests the (modest) profit back into the Social Business.

Since the start of the company, IHS constructed 2.600 houses

Major activities  include: 
- Providing cost recovery support to make sustainable houses in the disaster prone area of Bangladesh; 
- Advocating flood-prone design of houses; 
- Advocate and promote hygienic sanitation and drinkable water supply (WASH); 
- Doing research on eco-friendly low cost housing; demonstrating use of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB); 
- Facilitating coordination and mutual learning among partner NGOs; 
- Sensitizing the people of the Netherlands and Belgium on the status and causes of poverty in Bangladesh. 

We have organized an interclub Quiz and a big concert to collect money.

We had a lot of sponsors. Our benefit was 35000, so we could give to 5 different purposes, 7000 euros.

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