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A partir du: 2017-12-20

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But: Were were contacted by Rejette. Rejette is a Belgian lady who created this school in Kishasa for girls between 6 and 16years. Today she would like our participation for the construction of 3 additional classes. we contacted several Belgian Soroptimist Club in Belgian to participate in the project.

Objectif: education

IDs Européens: SIE-12233

SI clubs:

Fonds objectif: 7000 EuroOUI, je veux participer
Fonds levés: 2000 Euro

Projet information

Fonds information

Construction of 3 class rooms of the school Sainte Trinité (school in Kinshasa) created 20 years ago by Rejette

We have contacted several Belgian clubs to participate in this project. Untill today we received 1 positive answer (Land van Waas)

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