Kathy KAAF, Voorzitter SI/E vraagt ons bonen te planten


Kathy KAAF, Voorzitter SI/E vraagt ons bonen te planten als symbool van onze solidariteit met alle vrouwen die moeten vechten om te kunnen overleven.

Hierna een uittreksel van haar brief van  13 december 2012:

“You might wonder what this picture is about just before Christmas. It shows the blossom of one of the oldest foodstuffs of the world: highly nutritious and very easy to cultivate. Vicia Faba is its Latin denomination (http://www.daughterofthesoil.com/crimsonflowered.html) and broad bean its common name. I suggest that right now, early enough to prepare a big event for the International Women’s Day on 8th of March 2013.



All SIE Clubs should plant seeds of this highly-valuable bean. It has been used in so many ways in European and African countries for thousands of years. This action should be understood as a symbol of solidarity with all women of the world who struggle to survive and feed their families under great difficulties such as war, political crises, and natural disaster. The beans should be planted in public places, in School gardens, Kita gardens, Kitchen gardens, in baskets and tins – wherever there is a small area of soil available. I am attaching a press release which you can translate in your own language and use for the media in your home town. You should aim to organize a high profile event, put the information on your website and involve the media (newspaper, radio, TV, social media) as much as you can.”