An inspiring leadership & mentoring program

Soroptimists in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have joined forces to deliver an international mentoring program. A combination of physical workshops, online meetings and continuous dialogue that will run over nine months.

Soroptimist members with a proven professional track record will support young women in their personal and professional development. The interaction and dialogue between mentor and mentee and between the mentees will enrich those taking part. The subjects they take up together are career-focussed and include extensive discussions on changes in the 'ways of working' and personal development.

We guarantee an inspiring programme, professionally managed and in accordance with all applicable quality standards.

● Personal development: over a period of nine months, mentees learn to further develop their personal commitments and aspirations in a confidential tandem relationship, regardless of their stage of life.
● Multidisciplinary and international: mentors and mentees come from a number of different professions, and participants from the 3 BeNeLux countries.
● Intergenerational guidance: matching younger and older, leveraging past experiences to advance faster.
● Family-career combination: experienced women give tips that promote well-being and work life balance.
● Theoretical framework: professional Soroptimist trainers will organize three top quality workshop weekends. The trainers will explain working concepts for self-development, including conflict management and self-branding.
● Risk-free learning environment: the program takes place outside the corporate environment and the privacy of the participants is 100% guaranteed.

Our next program will start in September 2021 and will run until June 2022.
Would you like more information or to register?

Send an email to one of our coordinators:
Belgium: Katrien Derveaux
The Netherlands: Marion Weisz
Luxembourg: Simone Polfer